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The World is becoming a more welcoming place for disabled people but many still worry that the flights and accommodation they book won’t suit their needs. A new holiday service from Able Magazine is what the disability marketplace has been crying out for.


Able Magazine has always been at the forefront of travel writing for disabled people. Where else can you find encouraging tales of disabled travellers visiting such distant climes as Kenya, India and USA not to mention destinations closer to home like France, Italy and Ireland?


We’ve not only been showcasing destinations across the globe but showing disabled people, their families and carers how to get the most out of their holiday experiences. Often travel is a matter of forward planning and asking the correct questions at the correct time, for example, booking into hotels or enquiring into a day excursion and so on. Able Magazine, as the leading disability lifestyle publication in the UK feeds its extensive knowledge into its travel features and gratefully acknowledges the hints, tips and anecdotes that disabled travellers have sent in over the years. All of this contributes towards the magazine being a trusted and authoritative voice in the field.


Able Magazine’s new holiday club means that readers can now select from 85 destinations in 15 countries around the World knowing that they’ve not only been hand-picked but that they have also been carefully audited and rated for their accessibility and suitability for disabled people. The full selection can be seen on our website and further enquiries regarding specific details can be discussed by phoning our dedicated helpline where you’ll be put through to a fully trained operator who will not only advise on the destination options but also on accommodation and flights from the UK.


Each issue of able Magazine will feature ideas about what disabled people can expect from one of the destinations available. We’re starting with Lanzarote.

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