There are lots of reasons why purchasing a used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) might be a very sound option. Even Motability has a dedicated scheme in place to help people to save money by leasing a nearly new WAV.

Whilst purchasing a new WAV means you get to pick every detail to suit your specific tastes and needs, it doesn’t mean that there is but one unique WAV in the universe for each of us. Lots of the broader adaptations made in vehicles can suit a wide variety of people.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when considering leasing or purchasing a used WAV:

Lower Advance Payment

Used WAVs attract a much lower advance payment, which may have previously prohibited you from purchasing the specific model you want.


With many WAV manufacturers and dealerships up and down the country also operating within the used WAV marketplace there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find the models you would like to purchase or lease.


The process of purchasing a WAV doesn’t change dramatically between used and new. The same rules of thumb regarding getting in and out as well as the practicalities of driving still apply. (Going through a renowned dealer will still mean benefitting from the expertise of experienced staff who can help you to make a well-informed selection.)


Most dealerships offer some form of warranty and may be able to include breakdown cover and accident repair into the package.

Home demonstration

Even with a used vehicle, a dealership should still be able to offer you a home demonstration to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Quick delivery

New WAVs are usually built to a precise spec whereas used WAVs might need a decent valet and a few minor alterations to get them ready for you. According to Motability the average waiting time for a new WAV is 12-16 weeks. You might just be waiting a fraction of that time before driving away a used model.


Disabled people rarely drive their vehicles as often or as far as other people. Even on a vehicle that might be a few years old the clock might not have too much on it.


It is well known that the value of a brand new car drops substantially within the first 12 months of ownership, possibly by more than a fifth. Clearly, nearly new cars retain much of the reliability without the huge resale crash to consider.


As with purchasing any vehicle, old or new, buy from a reputable dealer who you can be sure will provide decent aftersales customer service.

Motability – Nearly New WAVs

Motability runs a dedicated operation in the used WAV market. Nearly New WAVs are vehicles that have been returned from another customer after less than three years who will either be changing their vehicle or leaving the scheme entirely.

Nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicles are available through the Motability Scheme but with a lower advance payment.

All used WAVs available through the Nearly New Scheme are less than two and a half years old and have low mileage. They will also have been checked over by an approved Motability supplier, to ensure reliability, although you should expect to find a little evidence of age related wear.

Even though the nearly new WAVs are likely to be highly dependable, Motability still includes breakdown cover, insurance and road tax for the length of the lease; this includes a complimentary replacement vehicle if you’re going to be off the road for an extended period of time. The length of lease on a nearly new WAV through Motability will be three years instead of the five year lease for new vehicles with the other key difference being a reduction in mileage allowance, down from 100,000 to 60,000 miles for used WAVs.