Because Motability is a national charity there may be ways that they can help families or individuals affected by disability to fund a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), advance payment or adaptations.

Because they are usually larger and require a greater depth of adaptation, WAVs are likely to be much more expensive than lots of the other vehicles found on the Motability list. Motability may be able to provide financial help, or a ‘grant’, to Scheme customers who would otherwise struggle to afford the mobility solution they need and indeed, provided over £19 million in financial help last year to over 7,000 disabled people and their families.


Of course, lots of people make applications for such grants and so Motability makes a huge effort to make sure that money reaches those who need it the most. All applications for financial help are means-tested and if Motability awards financial help it will be towards the most affordable solution for your needs.

There are, of course, important factors that help Motability to prioritise access to financial assistance. Firstly, Motability will consider immediate family who live in the same household and will want to ascertain their relationship to you in order to assess if the applicant has other means of support available to them or indeed, if they have additional family responsibilities (such as caring).

As well as this, it may be the case that other members of the household are also eligible for the Motability Scheme. This might suggest that Motability will be able to solve mobility issues for two or more people by applying a single solution.

Motability will also try to take into account paid carers and the sort of care they deliver and the extent to which they need to travel in the vehicle.

General factors

More general factors will include if your vehicle would be used for attending school, college or work as well as any other ordinary daily activities such as attending medical appointments. Furthermore, they will also consider practical aspects of your life such as having to transport equipment and mobility aids and the like.

Every case is individual and it’s impossible to give definitive answers without exploring the features of specific cases. If you can’t find an affordable solution then it might be time to discuss your case with Motability who will be able to suggest if they can help you. Once an application form and supporting documentation has been received Motability will be in a better position to suggest what the next move should be. If, for example, financial help cannot be made available to you, Motability may be able to suggest other options under the Scheme that you may not have considered.

If Motability accept your application, they will provide you with a dedicated Case Manager who will take care of your application throughout the process as well as fielding questions or concerns you’ve got as you move forward.

Motability Customer Services, Tel: 0300 456 4566