A new festival celebrating diversity and equality is coming to venues around Glasgow City Centre this year on 9th-10th August.

We are One festival is a collaboration by non-profit organisations Citizen Network with In Control Scotland, ENABLE Scotland, Unity Enterprise, LEAP Sports, Radical Visions, Michael Richardson, Clive Leighton, The Prince’s Trust, Dream Machine Scotland, and Barnardo’s.

The launch event will be 9th August in the Student Union of the University of Strathclyde, the main Festival venue, in conjunction with Stay Up Late Scotland, a campaign set up to support people with a learning disability to go out to see their favourite bands, clubbing, to meet friends. 

Citizen Network extends an inclusive invitation to all who are interested in celebrating equality amid diversity. A global non-profit cooperative movement, formed to create a world where everyone matters – where everyone can be an equal citizen. They work together, on a local and global level, to create welcoming communities for all, and a movement for change.

Further information about the festival and the organisations behind it can be found at: https://citizen-network.org/