For many years, the only solutions available to patients with digit amputations were cosmetic, with limited function. Thanks to advances in CAD and prosthetics manufacturing, Naked Prosthetics have created durable, functional solutions for a population of amputees who have previously been under-served.

As the majority of digit amputations are the result of trauma, amputation sites can vary significantly. To address this the PIP Driver, ThumbDriver and MCPDriver are fabricated bespoke to the user. They mimic natural hand motion and improve grip capability and fine dexterity while protecting the hypersensitive residuum; enabling many users to return to work.

Success stories include Joe, who lost his thumb, index and middle fingers following an accident at work. After struggling with daily living activities and not being able to work he was fitted with a ThumbDriver to restore his grip capability. Joe was able to return to work as a joiner and to cut his own food again; something which he previously found incredibly frustrating.

Saku, a communications manager at Microsoft had an accident repairing his motorbike where he lost the tips of both his index and middle fingers on his dominant hand. He was fitted with two PIPDrivers: “I can’t tell you how much it pleases me to be able to type like normal, to be able to pick things up, and even to do small tasks like sort through my mail. It is amazing!”

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