Accidents happen… We help you to get back on the road by providing the right replacement vehicle. We support you further through the repair and claims process.

If you do have a motor accident, we want to ensure you are supported correctly and that you aren’t left without a vehicle. We are your solution to getting you back on the road and your vehicle repaired. We have access to a network of over 50,000 vehicles, covering all of the UK, and will endeavour to meet your specific requirements for the duration of repairs or until your vehicle payment is settled.

Aardvark support you with all other aspects of a motor claim including vehicle repairs, injury and other losses. 

Efficient and passionate service is an important part of how we operate. We don’t have long call-centre queues and if easier for you, we offer other communication methods to make the motor claim process straightforward. 

We always allow you to choose your own repairer or we can instruct a trusted, independent or manufacturer approved partner if you want us to. If your vehicle is beyond economical repair and a total loss, we will assist in gaining the best financial settlement for you and not one that works for your vehicle insurer.

Tel: 0844 335 6615