Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.58.10In each issue of Able Magazine we take you through the latest releases and some literature you may have missed. Here is a selection from the March/April edition of Able Magazine.

“Developmental Delay, Information For Families”

Contact A Family,

Although the pamphlet is a mere 16 pages long it does get straight to the point of describing scenarios and giving straight answers to the questions that parents and carers will have about developmental delay. Whilst the strokes are necessarily broad, there is a basic framework to follow for further support. The accompanying poster is very handy for charting the progress of children up to five who are suspected of having a delay.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.03.48“The Footprint On The Rock”

Shan Perera, ISBN:9781480079496

Life can be simultaneously simple and complicated, particularly in terms of a society dominated by the Caste system or by religious doctrine. The rules and customs extend far enough to give people their very identity, providing continuity and comfort. The complications occur as people grow and find seemingly grey areas concerning religion, right and wrong, not to mention ambition and yearning. All of these topics are covered in this thought-provoking novel.

9781452567631_p0_v1_s260x420“Chirpy’s First Time Flying”

Bud Johnson, Balboa Press, ISBN: 9781452567631

This simple story of a bird about to take its maiden flight will really speak to young children. It’s so important to develop the idea that limitations are very often self imposed and that when we listen to the right advice and choose to make positive choices, we can accomplish things we never thought possible.

9780857083081_p0_v1_s260x420“Get Things Done”

Robert Kelsey, Wiley, ISBN: 9780857083081

There’s always something stopping us from doing the things we’d like to do or from achieving our ambitions. It’s easy enough to find classic excuses involving time, money and resources and it’s easy enough to talk about pulling ourselves together and just getting on with it. Kelsey on the other hand asks us to look deeper and further back in our own experiences to find the things that we’re really afraid of and deconstruct them, in order to move forward with more vigour.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.20.31“Rory’s Club”

Edited by Claude Costecalde and Christina Captieux, Booklink, ISBN: 9781906886530

Rory McIlroy was fortunate enough to find his gift much sooner than most other people do. Even at the age of 24, he has already bagged two majors and only a fool would bet against him collecting more. Gifts, however, aren’t enough; McIlroy’s family, friends and second home – Holywood Golf Club in Northern Ireland, have all been instrumental in helping McIlroy reach the top. The lesson is simple; with hard work, determination and support, our dreams can come true.

win“How To Win, The Argument, The Pitch, The Job, The Race”

Rob Yeung, Wiley, ISBN: 9780857084293

Yeung encourages us to join him in developing a growth outlook that allows our minds space to take on new information and get the best out of our experiences – rather than a ‘gifts’ mindset that traps us into thinking that we can’t develop what we don’t have, leaving us either arrogant or a quitter.

Yeung argues that we can develop skills and talents with practice. More specifically as a recruitment expert, he also shows us how to communicate these skills to potential employers – concentrating on how we structure and tell tales that illustrate our experiences and achievements.