ablesquareYou can’t fail to notice that this issue marks exactly, our twentieth anniversary. We think that’s worth celebrating at a time when so many magazines are struggling to stay open. I’d like to thank you, the readers, for your loyalty, enthusiasm and support over these years in helping to shape what Able is all about. You’ve provided many of the stories and helped to direct how we tell them.

When we look back at the dim and distant past, to 1994, it’s immediately obvious that a lot has changed. The nature of disability issues is now more commonly framed from a positive perspective. Problems have become challenges; they’re no less stiff but there is a different attitude towards how we should solve them. Again, disabled people themselves have had a great deal to do with this. Far from being passive, we’ve seen that disabled people not only want to take responsibility for themselves but also have the passion to face adversity and deal with it head-on.

We’ve done so much, and we can do so much more. The Able Team

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