Most wheelchair users will tell you, one of the most challenging parts of taking a flight is transferring into one of the aeroplane’s cabin seats. Able Move is a product aiming to change that.

Around a dozen airports in the UK are fully equipped with various transferring equipment. Of course, this is commendable but what happens if the airport you fly to doesn’t? Able Move is a personal sling that travels along with you and can be used with or without a hoist, giving peace of mind for air travellers with reduced mobility looking for a comfortable, quick, dignified and safe transfer back into their wheelchair.

Able Move couldn’t be easier to use (avoiding language obstacles). You simply place it into your wheelchair on the day you travel. You are lifted while in the sling meaning you don’t need to shuffle around with any other slings at either airports. You remain seated in it throughout your flight and are lifted with it, back to your own wheelchair at your destination.


Sitting on the Able Move during your flight is more comfortable and supportive than sitting immediately on an airline seat. With the double layered cushion alleviating pressure from the lower back and buttocks. Furthermore, Able Move provides greater options to keep you safe during emergencies than current aircraft protocols, because it can be used with or without a hoist enabling instant evacuation where necessary.

Being manually lifted without appropriate equipment can cause stress and anxiety leading up to the lift and can lead to serious accidents – this may be off-putting to many people with reduced mobility. Able Move helps to overcome these anxieties and is a game-changing product.

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Price: £384.99 +VAT