AbleMove believe in improving day-to-day living for wheelchair users. Promoting greater confidence, freedom, choice, and safety underpins everything they do. 

The latest product to be added to the rapidly growing range of innovative range of wheelchair accessories from AbleMove is the ableDry, and true to form, follows the great tradition of simple ideas being the best.

Every wheelchair user at some point, has been frustrated by damp armrests, back or seat cushions – which can be uncomfortable and contribute to poor skin health. The ableDry is an easy and inexpensive solution to this problem.

The ableDry has been designed to be suitable for both powered and manual wheelchairs, and comes in both high and low back versions, to fit different styles of wheelchair. The side flaps can also be used to cover a person’s legs, to provide some extra privacy or just to keep warmer. The ableDry has an anti-slip base, waterproof backing, and a water absorbent topper. 

This product is a vital addition for any wheelchair user who does water-based activities, is going on holiday or managing incontinence. The ableDry has been designed to work well as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other ableMove products such as the ableSling, or ableSling Lite, for example if using to transfer in and out of the pool. 

AbleMove was founded by disabled entrepreneur, Josh Wintersgill, who uses his own life experiences as the basis for his ideas and designs. 

Tel: 0333 3449592