The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is coming to England and Wales this summer and it’s set to be a fantastic event on this year’s UK sporting calendar.

With the huge scale of spectators attending, it’s good to know what disability support and access facilities are available to ensure that you have the best possible experience on the day.

Every venue has its own guidelines in place, so Airospring has collated the relevant information for the 11 cricket grounds. Each guide provides details across a range of topics, such as how to get to the ground, where to park, where to get your tickets from, as well as accessible viewing areas, facilities and amenities.

Some venues offer far more valuable information than others (The Oval is a brilliant example of which questions to inquire about), though the Inclusive and Accessible Stadia Report is also a great resource to learn more about which services you should expect to receive from sporting venues, as a spectator with a disability.

Chris Summersell from Level Playing Field (LPC) has previously commented on the topic of boosting accessibility for sports fans, saying “Disabled fans are still left hugely frustrated by a lack of access and inclusion that they face, with figures showing that 50% of disabled people have never even attended a live public event.” However, LPC has been working closely with the England and Wales Cricket Board to put access at the top of the agenda.

Have you attended any of these sporting venues before — if so, what are your thoughts on accessibility facilities there?

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