Author, icon and disabled activist Penny Pepper is performing to a home-crowd with a sequel to ‘Raw and Uncovered’ earlier this month.’Flesh and Bone’ is a personal mix at The Printworks on Saturday 30th August, 7-8.30pm. 2019 is the second year of the Hastings Litfest, which is an independent social enterprise. The night will feature unheard works plus a live Q+A by Pink Minx.

Penny is a wheelchair user since childhood. Her Naked Punk tour blends poignant poems with activism, delivered with her trademark wit, provocation and compassion – while rocking killer heels! 

Expect fresh snippets from the acclaimed Memoir, ’First in the world somewhere’, described by fellow writer Jake Arnott, as A wonderful memoir, this is the great untold tale of our times told with passion, humour and a compellingly visceral energy. Penny Pepper’s story is of a true struggle for liberation against the odds. Essential reading.’

In her Naked Punk Manifesto, Penny states; “I’m naked because I strive to be open in my writing… to strip away stereotypes. Punk is the energy that triggered my activism, and my passion for social justice and equality”. 
Penny has recently completed the final chapters of her new novel, ‘Fancy Nancy’, set in a Victorian freakshow and contemporary Britain. The fast-paced tale will explore complexities in love, desire, and difference. 

Penny is a regular on telly, radio and in the press. Silent Witness star, Liz Carr dubbed her ‘A force of nature and a voice like no other’.

Date: Saturday 30 August – Hastings LitFest 2019

Address: Printworks 7-8.30pm | Hastings LitFest: Flesh + Bone, pt2 FULLY ACCESSIBLE

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