The housebuilding industry is currently facing a widely-talked about issue. Demand for housing has never been higher but we do not have the skills to build the homes that Britain needs. At the same time, the industry is finally recognising that we are not equally accessible to people of different backgrounds. The industry is missing out on capable talent because they don’t see the industry as an attractive place to work.

At Barratt Developments, they are building an organisation where anyone with drive and talent can pursue the career they want. They are building a culture where anyone, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability or any other characteristic, can progress and be proud to work for Barratt.

Laying the foundations for future success

They know that this will not be an overnight process. They also know that they have work to do to become an employer that can attract and keep talent from all backgrounds. They are working with several charities, including Leonard Cheshire and The Royal British Legion Industries, to become a truly accessible employer where people with disabilities can bring their best to work.

They are reshaping their internal HR policies to become more flexible and fairer. They have trained over 250 leaders across the business in how to be an ‘inclusive leader’ so they can develop and deliver plans to make our offices more accessible. They have also redefined how they measure success, collecting more data than ever before and setting ambitious but achievable targets for 2021.

It takes a community to build a community

They want to create an inclusive culture where people feel welcomed and are proud of their difference. The focus at Barratt is always the customer; by having a workforce that reflects their customer base and will give them a better understanding of their needs. Building the inclusive culture that makes that possible is their priority. When people with different backgrounds, different talents and different opinions work collaboratively, then they will deliver their goal; to lead the future of housebuilding.

Barratt Developments have become a registered employer with Able Magazine’s new Be the Difference employment initiative.

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