Regular readers will already know that we recently launched our employment initiative, ‘Be the Difference’, with the specific aim of helping more disabled people find employment.

Having launched in July, we’ve now completed the first phase, which included getting everything in place by signing up partners and publicising our vision through Able Magazine and its online and social media platforms – as well as with help from our partners.

We want to match employers with vacancies and disabled people through the initiative.

Many disabled people remain frustrated and disenfranchised at the seeming lack of opportunity for them in the workplace. Be the Difference is an attempt to make a real change, working towards closing the gap.

We’ve been doing a lot of work to reach out to like-minded employers to join Be the Difference, giving them the opportunity to post jobs, share case studies and the latest news stories with Able Magazine readers to raise awareness of employers, specifically looking to employ disabled people.

The main aim of Be the Difference is to assist in matching disabled people with suitable, inclusive employers.

We also need your help

Part of the recipe for what we hope will be the success of Be the Difference will be disabled people that are inspired to look at trying to get into work – even if they’ve attempted it before. Proof of concept has already been established since we know that there are companies and organisations out their awaiting applications and CVs from disabled people. We want Be the Difference to be a factor in encouraging more disabled people to take what can be a daunting move and approach potential employers.

Furthermore, perhaps you know other disabled people, who for whatever reason, have become discouraged regarding their employment prospects. Wouldn’t it be incredible if they felt empowered to try again with Be the Difference? We’d certainly appreciate any support our readers could give to our initiative via word of mouth or social media and so on.

We feel sure that the organisations already involved with the initiative are more than committed and enthusiastic about the project and what it could mean for the employment landscape.

Support and advice

Disabled people that get in touch with Able Magazine will be signposted towards the most appropriate support organisations and employers. Able Magazine will make it easier for disabled people to not only find the support they need but also to make direct contact with the people who are striving to make their businesses or organisations more inclusive.

Able Magazine is the ideal forum to discuss disability-specific recruitment opportunities. They are encouraging businesses to be proactive in tackling what amounts to a recruitment crisis among disabled people by engaging with them via the initiative.

Able Magazine is positive about disability and has always been about ‘What disabled people can do, not what they can’t’. Be the Difference is an opportunity for us to make real change and is a challenge to other businesses and organisations to do likewise – but we also need disabled people to get on board, sharing their strengths, skills and enthusiasm

The Challenge

According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, 80.6 % of able bodied people are employed, next to a meagre 38.2% of disabled people (aged 16 – 24) and 56.4% (aged 25 – 49). This huge disparity has hardly improved in a decade, despite plenty of promises and initiatives.

We Want You!

Able Magazine readers interested in our Be the Difference initiative can register to receive job alerts, employment news and information on our latest registered employers and partners by registering details via: 

You can also email:  or tel: 0141 285 4000.

Any company or organisation looking to become a Be the Difference registered employer should contact: or tel: 0141 285 4000.