BeSpouse is a dating app for people with reduced mobility, impairment or any other health condition. The app is a location-based, free to use platform designed for people with medical conditions, where you can feel comfortable expressing who you are, the values and beliefs you hold, and you are sure to find someone who feels the same. The app is also for people with no medical condition who wish to serve the community, who can sign up as emotional support or a caregiver.

How BeSpouse Works:

We know the value of time, therefore setting up your account will take you less than one minute. With a few taps you will be able to register through Facebook or filling a form and uploading up to 5 pictures. Your information will be plugged into our algorithms and your dating experience will start.

BeSpouse respect users privacy, therefore, we have integrated a hide/show feature of your medical condition to other users which can be changed in your profile page at your convenience. Hiding medical conditions to other users does not affect the searching algorithms.

After users are matched, they can enjoy a conversation in an easy to use
integrated platform.

Additionally, the user is able to change her/his physical location and meet
people in any country in the world, where a user can meet a local of the 
the country she/he is visiting, opening you up to the world’s magnificent

Users can communicate directly with the app through a suggestions feature
integrated in the technology or on the official Instagram page @bespouse_app.

Link to install it on android:

Link to install it on IOS: