In England, 4,396 badges in the year ending March 2021 were reported lost or stolen from the 2.35 million Blue Badges in use, according to the latest Government statistics.

Blue Badges are a lifeline for disabled people in the UK, helping to maintain independence by making it easier to find parking closer to where they need to be. 

Opportunistic thefts have such a big impact on Blue Badge holders. The smash-and-grab technique of breaking the driver’s window leaves fragments of glass over the front seat and around the door, both inside and out. Not only are Blue Badge holders faced with the cost of repairs, but also the added inconvenience of being without their car. If it’s a specially adapted car, there might not be a suitable replacement available while the repair work is being done. Add to that the prolonged wait for a replacement Blue Badge, which could be up to 12 weeks. 

To protect this lifeline, NewStar Door Controls has designed and manufactured the robust Blue Badge Defender. 

“Blue Badge Defender is designed to stop the theft of Blue Badges and deter thieves from targeting cars,” says Toby Staff of NewStar Door Controls, adding: “If they see the Defender in place, they often move on to the next car, looking for an easier option. The metal holder protects the Blue Badge and the device is securely padlocked to the steering wheel.” 

Blue Badge Defender is available from Newstar’s 

sister company, visit: or visitors to Naidex can see it for themselves on Stand E42.