“Choosing My First Job” By Roger Banks, Barry Carpenter and Diviyha Ramalingham, Beyond Words, ISBN: 9781784580971

Some people find it easier to capture information through images rather than words. Think, for example, of how useful diagrams are in an instruction manual. These picture books use simple narrative images and are ideal for sharing with a carer who can help the ‘reader’ to create the story and translate its meaning as they go along.

Having a job creates so many benefits and opportunities for disabled people. This small book will enable people to start thinking about their choices.

“A Family At Work” By Sheila Hollins, Annie Brine and Gary Butler, Beyond Words, ISBN: 9781784580988

This is another title in the Beyond Words series about employment that helps people with intellectual/learning difficulties to think about work and imagine themselves in a job. ‘A Family At Work’ introduces ideas about how volunteering can lead to satisfying, paid employment.

Again, the use of narrative images are the ideal starting point for a conversation about how work benefits people in all sorts of ways.

“The Distance Between Me And The Cherry Tree” By Paola Peretti, Hot Key Books, ISBN: 9781471407550

Mafalda is a nine year old girl who has been told that she’s losing her sight. Her tale explores how she attempts to find a way to cope with the chaos of her diagnosis. She must find a way to protect the things that are important to her, such as going to school, playing with her friends and looking after her beloved cat as the distance from where she can see the cherry tree begins to diminish.

“Superconductors” By Derek Loudermilk, Kogan Page, ISBN: 9780749482367

Loudermilk brings together a variety of experiences, exercises, tips and advice designed to re-boot your career. What is clear is that it all starts with ‘you’ and learning to appreciate, examine and push yourself forwards. In this sense, the book brings together similar concepts from well-known authors such as Tony Robbins and Richard Bolles.

“The Happiness Passport” By Megan C Hayes, White Lion Publishing,
ISBN: 978178131802752000

This is a great book to pick up if you’re feeling down since it notes many of the different cultural approaches and perspectives on happiness from around the world. While we all have an idea of what makes us happy, it can be tough sometimes to put on a smile. This little book presents various ideas about happiness that might just make you see things differently. It’s a reminder that there really is so much to be joyful about.