Busy Life is excited to announce the launch of the “Run, boy, run!” collection. Part of the Diversity Designs range, it’s a collection of clothing and accessories that embraces all boys who run. The collection illustrates, embraces, and celebrates the diversity of being human and, is, therefore, inclusive! To name a few examples, this means able-bodied and (dis)abled, boys of different races and religions, and young, old, slim, and curvy boys!

The origins of Diversity Designs lie in Joanna’s two passions, championing (dis)ability and running. When she started Busy Life, her aim was to offer products that embraced and celebrated both of these. There didn’t appear to be any merchandise, accessories or clothing that promoted positive images of both. So, she created Diversity Designs. The #Animagelikeme sums up this range. It’s about being able to wear an image that is similar to you, that celebrates what you do and encourages you to do more.

Joanna says, “not all runners are super fit, super slim, under 25, and able-bodied. This is why I have created the “Diversity Designs” “Run, boy, run!” collection. The collection, that mirrors the “Run, girl, run!” one, encourages confidence to run whatever size, shape, age, or ability you are and to celebrate your running. The “Run, boy, run!” collection is a truly inclusive one, that embraces diversity, encourages you to move more, and improves your physical health. The range also supports good mental-health as an affirmation is included on every product. All my products are to be worn or used when you are not running. I am hoping they will be conversation openers that will encourage people to join the wonderful world of running”.

So, in theory, should they want to, Sir Mo Farah and Jonnie Peacock could both wear a T-shirt that celebrates their incredible sporting achievements from the same collection. Dads and their sons can also do the same! I think this makes my range unique and a world first.

Clothing and accessories are available to buy via the Busy-Life.co.uk website. Alternatively, they can be purchased directly from the Diversity Designs stores on Teemill Diversity-Designs.Temil.co.uk and Zazzle https://www.zazzle.co.uk/mbr/238715324952879335/collections

As with all purchases from Busy Life Ltd, 10% of every sale is donated to the Busy Life charity of the month.

About Dr Joanna Baker-Rogers EdD

Dr Joanna Baker-Rogers, is a Chartered Environmental Scientist, a (dis)ability scholar, keen amateur runner, activist, and public speaker. She believes that communities have the power to facilitate positive changes to the environment and society, particularly to overcome social oppression.

In championing (dis)ability, Joanna, who has an invisible (dis)ability, wants to contribute to achieving a more inclusive society. In doing so, she is passionate about recognising there is a range of possibilities across being human and that everyone is entitled to access the same life opportunities. This is regardless of any differences that they may have or labels they identify with. Joanna’s thesis, “Autism, sociality, and friendship: a qualitative enquiry” is available to read https://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00072 and she can be contacted at Joanna@Busy-Life.co.uk.