How to get the best value for money when shopping for disability equipment – it’s not just about the price!

It’s generally accepted that you have to shop around if you want to get the most for your money. But when it comes to looking for equipment to help you or a loved one manage a disability, the price isn’t always the most important factor.

Equipment, like stairlifts, through-floor-lifts, access ramps and hoists have to meet the specific needs of the individual, be easy to use and sympathetic to the space available.

Mark Buckley, Sales Manager at Obam Stairlifts in Lincolnshire has a couple of suggestions for what to look for when researching a company to manage your needs.

“With a variety of equipment on the market, I would urge people to talk through all of the options available and seek advice on the most suitable fit for them and their home,” explained Mark, adding: “So finding a company that will take time to listen to your exact requirements, visit your home and conduct a thorough survey and provide long-term peace of mind is a must.

A customer-focused company will take into consideration the physicality of the person using the equipment, because when it comes to stairlifts in particular, one size doesn’t fit all. Taller users who perhaps cannot bend their knees will need a different stairlift configuration to a shorter person who can.”


As well as different kit specifications, Mark notes that the appearance of the equipment also often tops customers’ priority lists, saying: “With a vast range of products on offer and bespoke options, including different coloured stairlift tracks, hand rails and chair coverings it should be relatively easy to find a solution which matches your home’s decor.

And importantly, once you have made a decision on the right kit, you should be able to book an installation time which is convenient for you.”

Mark also urges customers to ask questions before, during and after installation. The engineer should also take time to explain how the equipment works and highlight all of the safety features.

Customers should look for a company with a proven track record of delivering a high quality after-sales service, with Mark suggesting that: “Making sure you are covered for any maintenance issues and that the company has a dedicated 24/7 call-out service 365 days a year, can offer peace of mind.

From the initial enquiry and on-site survey, to installation and aftercare, the company’s ultimate goal should be to improve quality of life for the end user, enabling them to live and move around much more freely and comfortably in their own home environment.”