Have you ever dreamed of completing a marathon? Well, this July you could do just that, as a Colchester-based charity has launched the UK’s most accessible marathon, in which anyone can take part.

Because the Virgin Money London Marathon was postponed until October, the fundraising team at MS-UK have challenged people to come up with their own concepts based around the number 26, which is the number of miles in a traditional marathon.

But this event is anything but traditional, as you’re encouraged to do whatever you fancy – knit, walk, run, dance, read, wheel, lift, hop or craft, – just do it 26 hours, days, meters or miles between 01 and 31 July.

“You could, for example, bake 26 loaves of bread for those in need,” says MS-UK fundraising manager Jill Purcell. “Or you could make 26 face masks, practice yoga every day for 26 days, or even organise an epic 26-hour gameathon online.”

By taking part in My MS Marathon you will be raising vital funds for the charity’s telephone counselling service, the only one in the UK specifically for people living with MS.

My MS Marathon is the UK’s most accessible challenge and anyone and everyone can get involved.

Clive Whyte

Whether it’s coming to terms with a diagnosis, dealing with a relapse, or helping with mental health issues such as anxiety, low mood or depression, MS-UK’s counsellors are there to help people make sense of life with MS. People like Clive Whyte who was struggling to cope. “The diagnosis hit me like a tonne of bricks,” he says. “I found the counselling sessions helped me release the feelings I had trapped inside. The mind and body have a way of catching up with you and stopping you in your tracks, and were are a lot of things inside I needed to heal after the initial shock.

“My confidence has grown since having counselling, and I’m much more comfortable in situations at work or with friends. Before, I would try and avoid people. This service has been a gift for me, and I’m very grateful.”

MS-UK would love your help to make sure they can support more people like Clive.

It’s quick and easy to join our challenge. Simply

  1. Dream up your activity based around the number 26
  2. Register to take part at https://mymsmarathon.ms-uk.org your fundraising page will automatically be set up for you
  3. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family
  4. Have fun doing your challenge during July (be sure to take photos or make videos of you in action!)
  5. Raise over £100 and claim your exclusive my MS-Marathon medal