At Kinderkey Healthcare Ltd we specialise in helping healthcare professionals and carers choose a nursing care bed for adults or children that satisfies very specific requirements. Beds designed for people with physical and or cognitive issues must be in the first instance safe.

Entrapment and falls are real concerns when determining what an adult or child might need. The main factors to consider are the height of the safety sides and how well the mattress fits the bed frame.  Kinderkey’s Safe surround was designed to reduce the risks of entrapment and asphyxiation sometimes associated with bed safety rails.

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Specific behaviour or conditions also need to be addressed.

  • For instance a person who has seizures will probably need padding on the sides of the bed.
  • The involuntary movements of a Huntington’s patient may be ameliorated with the Stabilo Grande sleep system and a bed with strong padded sides like the Bearsnoozzze.
  • The Bearhugzzz bed has proved popular with the sensory issues a person with Autism may experience.
  • Our Cosysafe Plus Cot can be made as high as your room will accommodate to help keep vulnerable mobile children from injuring themselves.

Our experienced product specialists will talk through all the options available to help customise the most suitable bed or cot.

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We understand that selecting the right bed will also make life easier for the carer. Selecting the right mattress platform height will make sure that transfers in an out of the bed happen comfortably and safely. Windows will enable the bed user to see and be seen and are an option in all our beds and cots.

Kinderkey beds are design our beds to look visually appealing. All the fabrics we use are waterproof anti-microbial and are available in a wide choice of beautiful colours and patterns. Our cots are made from attractive hard woods such as Beech and Ash and are crafted by skilled cabinetmakers.