Enjoy a staycation in a stylish, comfortable and wheelchair accessible leisure vehicle.

Many of us are dreaming of escaping on holiday and taking time to break away, recharge and reset. 

Clearly, the fallout from the pandemic means that the way we stay safe has changed. Going away to places where the infection rates aren’t well controlled and having to quarantine afterwards, may not be the best move.

CoachbuiltGB can provide accessible motorhomes, caravans and other leisure vehicles. Going away has never been more like staying home. Comfort, accessibility, style – and the security of feeling like you’re in that self-contained, ‘protective bubble’ is built into every one. It’s a fun, flexible and safe way to travel.

Take a break
Plenty of us are due a well-earned break, having endured long months of lockdown or even shielding. Accessible features, including those you’d find in your own adapted home, make a leisure vehicle staycation an easy and sensible choice. LIV wheelchair accessible leisure vehicles are designed around your own personal requirements and can feature everything from ceiling track hoists and profiling and adjustable beds, through to shower and changing tables – as well as options to drive from your wheelchair.

It’s your space to manage as you want; you’re in control. Compact in form with the lounge, kitchen, washroom and bedroom areas, it is a comfortable and relaxing space fitted with domestic style heating and all the mod cons you need.

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