All aspects of life require balancing. This can become more important when you have a disability. From my personal experiences of having mild cerebral palsy, chronic pain and a visual impairment I know that it can sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against you. However, you are not alone in feeling like this.

Currently, the two main aspects of my life that take up most of my time and energy are university and blogging. I am in my final year of university, studying psychology and child development, at Leeds Trinity University. I’m also the writer of ‘Life as a Cerebral Palsy Student’ and was recognised for my campaigning work and included in the Shaw Trust Power 100 List. This was a huge honour. To even be considered for the list was a shock.

Anyway, how do I balance all these roles and commitments? The very simple answer is, I don’t!

I am no superhuman, I have no magic wand and I cannot freeze time. Multiple times last semester I just fell asleep. I’m not talking about going to sleep at night, or going to have a lie down; I’m on about unintentional naps. Despite being amusing, this just goes to show how tired I get. It is possible to manage university, a blog and have a disability – but I believe it’s important to acknowledge how hard it can be.

At times it has been a little too much. For me, this is a big deal. I will hold my hands up and admit I find it hard to ask for help. I find it hard to admit defeat and would much rather just carry on regardless.

Despite determination being the thing that has got me this far, it can also be a weakness of mine. I’m too determined to take it all on, have all the fun and get all the work done – but sometimes that means resting and planning to conquer the world tomorrow instead.

This is still something I haven’t completely mastered but saying no to things and asking for help is a good enough start for me.

People have New Year’s resolutions to achieve big things, aim high, be ambitious and enjoy doing so. However, I am here to say that you are enough.

Be kind to yourself this year.

About Chloe Tear…

For the last five years, while working through her GCSEs, A-Levels and university degree, Chloe Tear has been writing her blog, Life as a Cerebral Palsy Student. The blog has attracted over 80,000 views and led Chloe to work with over 45 organisations including Scope, the Royal Institute of Blind People, Huffington Post, the BBC, Cosmopolitan and The Mighty.

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