Confidence is believing in yourself and knowing that you have the skills and ability to do what you set out to do. It’s being yourself and being completely comfortable with it, owning it and rocking it. You will only rise as high as your own self image; you owe it to yourself to increase your confidence today. Let’s do this!

Life can be extremely hard and put serious dents in your confidence, especially as a disabled person. I believe your difference/disability provides you with many positive strengths (compassion, resilience, humour, ingenuity) which you can utilise to unleash your awesomeness.

Confidence will enable you to seize opportunities as you find or make them. Genuine confidence (not arrogance) will also be reflected back by the people who approach you, who will recognise your self worth and authenticity.

Not all heroes wear capes, and I encourage you to be your own cheerleader and enjoy the adventure in learning how to own it with pride.

Tips towards confidence…

  • This involves working on yourself and using positive, kinder and empowering language when you speak to yourself. Do your best to shut that bad bitch up and at the very least, question things.
  • Move to an equality mentality. You are equal and deserving of success as much as others and not a victim. You are competent and capable of achieving the things you want in life. Don’t believe what the non-achievers tell you.
  • Reviewing your accomplishments to date will show you how much you have rocked it. Keep going.
  • Think about what it is you want in your life and write it down. Look at it often.
  • Regularly visualise the things you are aiming for. Dream it and work for it. Aim high; this is your dream, no one else’s. Trip to Mars, anyone?
  • Make a commitment to be your best self. You alone will be putting the effort in and you should respect yourself enough to make this happen.
  • Decide what you need to achieve your goal, whether this involves finding books, a course, or a mentor.
  • Set small and daily goals, which will lead to your larger weekly, monthly and annual goals. Remember that today is your life in miniature and the luck you experience in the future is all in the preparation.
  • Accept challenges. Say yes to things you would normally say no to, knowing they are outside your comfort zone. This will stretch you and your limits will expand.
  • Prepare for failure, which is part of success and not the opposite of success. Many successful people are frequently failing and it’s knowing how to bounce back from any setbacks and move forward that will determine how far you go.
  • Remember to celebrate, recognise and enjoy all successes however small. The smaller things lead to the bigger things.
  • Success is mostly discipline and belief. So believe!

About Mary Doyle…

Mary Doyle is the founder of Rocket Girl Coaching, which helps disabled professionals get past their challenges, find new directions, and reach success. Mary is also a wheelchair user and campaigner for accessible aviation and STEM, with a 28 year software and services background, which has taken her all over the world. She’s passionate about human potential, inclusion, customer experience and technology.

Twitter: @RocketGirlCoach
Facebook: RocketGirlCoach