Business Disability Forum has published advice, today, on supporting disabled employees and disabled customers and clients, who may be affected by the Coronavirus. The non-profit organisation works with over 300 businesses and organisations, offering advice on issues affecting disabled people in the workplace and as consumers.

The resource is entitled ‘Coronavirus and Disability – What you need to know’. It offers advice on how to support colleagues and customers who have a condition or who are taking medication which means they have a compromised immune system and are therefore more susceptible to catching infections.

The resource covers the following:

  • Making reasonable adjustments for employees with a disability/long term health condition, including working from home and taking time off.
  • Supporting employees who live with people with disabilities or health conditions, and are concerned about infecting them.
  • Helping colleagues with caring responsibilities for others.
  • Paying sick pay.
  • Closing offices and asking disabled employees to work from home.
  • Refunding disabled customers who do not wish to travel to a public event or performance.
  • Making alternative arrangements for appointments where a disabled person is required to appear in person.

Diane Lightfoot, CEO, Business Disability Forum, said:

“We know that organisations want to be able offer the best support and advice they can to their disabled employees and clients at this time. We hope that our resource will help with that.”

To download ‘Coronavirus and disability – What you need to know’ go to: