Jahshane is a happy and affectionate five-year-old boy who loves to be cuddled and kissed. He’s one of many disabled children looking for a long-term foster family.

Jahshane enjoys playing inside his fabric tube and is particularly drawn to toys that light up and make sounds. He likes to be active and is always on the go. His foster carer says that his cheeky personality comes through at bedtime where he has lots of tactics to delay going to sleep! While his foster carer says that he has a lovely attachment with her, she knows that the best thing for Jahshane would be to find a permanent adoptive family for him, as soon as possible.

Jahshane has CHARGE syndrome which affects his mobility and how he communicates. He is able to communicate with basic gestures for wanting or refusing and can indicate if he’s happy or sad, through facial expressions. He will often smile when he’s content or busy playing and also laughs when he’s amused.


Although he does experience mobility difficulties it has been noted that Jahshane is making progress, with the help of his new shoes and is excited at taking his first walking steps with the help of his foster carer by holding on to her fingers. He also enjoys getting about by crawling and rolling and is able get out of his bed to climb on top of furniture and pull himself to his feet.

We are looking for a loving family who can build on the consistent routines that have been put in place to help Jahshane feel settled and who can support Jahshane at times when he struggles to get to sleep at night.

Like any child, Jahshane enjoys stimulation through activity but also enjoys quiet time. During these moments, he likes his hands or hair to be stroked by his carer. At other times, Jahshane likes to sit in upright: Jahshane’s buggy is clearly perceived as a ‘safe space’ as these requests often occur when he feels anxious.


His needs have not deterred his foster carer from describing him as being a lovely, happy boy who brings her much joy in every small achievement – and his school are also delighted at the progress he has made recently.

For his future to be bright, Jahshane needs a long-term fostering family who can support him as he grows into adulthood. They would need to have a good understanding of the complex health needs associated with his type of disability. We would welcome expressions of interest from disabled people since they may well feel that they have a deeper understanding of Jahshane’s condition and be able to positively support him.

Owing to health needs, Jahshane will need on-going supervision by a number of specialists. He already has input from several medical specialists at Great Ormond Street, as well as local services. Due to his high needs, an adoption financially allowance is available as well as access to disability services.

We are looking for a long-term foster family, whether they’re already approved or new to the idea – to give him the future he deserves.

All foster carers receive fees and allowances to cover the costs of caring for children as well as a reward element to the carer. Carers also receive extensive training and support and respite to ensure they have time off.

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