For many people with all sorts of disabilities, from autism to conditions causing pain and fatigue, one of the biggest challenges is getting people around us to understand and respect our needs. They cannot see the symptoms which can make it hard to understand why we need to do things differently – causing frustration and upset all round.

The products designed by Stickman Communications focus on breaking down these communication barriers with humour and humanity, and have become vital tools for disabled people across the UK and beyond.

Each card, badge, poster, and book contains key points that people with disabilities have asked for help conveying, and which have been designed by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities. Rather than approaching disability through the lens of medical theory, they approach it from lived experience and the practicalities of real life situations experienced by the community.

And do they work? The short answer is yes.

I bought some of your cards for my son who has ASC and was going to college and using public transport. 18 months later he still has them and at his Annual reviews I have shared how great they are! Thank you.”

“I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and dysautonomia and I have just purchased some cards and books etc. I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Not only have you solidified and validated what I already knew you have so cleverly put it into a format which means I can explain it to others. I had to tell my kids at the weekend that I need a wheelchair and your pictures really really helped. They understand everything so much more now.  I am extremely grateful.”

This ever-growing collection of resources is changing lives – creating understanding and acceptance of hidden disabilities.

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