While most companies were looking for much needed sales, Cyclone Mobility went against the grain and decided to offer one of their flagship products completely free of charge, in order to transform somebody’s life.

As the UK entered lockdown, Cyclone Mobility announced the launch of their ‘Win a Batec Hybrid’ competition. Partnering with Batec Mobility, the manufacturer of market leading electric attachments, Cyclone Mobility launched the competition with the aim of changing somebody’s life. The prize, a Batec Hybrid, is a wheelchair attachment that works just like a handcycle but with a powerful motor that is there to help when things get a little tough. The brainchild of Pau Bach, a c6/c7 tetraplegic, the Batec is expertly designed to be easy to use, even for people with limited hand function.

Giving back
This isn’t the first time that Cyclone’s founder and managing director,
Stuart Dunne, has given back to the community. Those of you with good memories will remember that in 2017, Stuart appeared on the BBC’s Going Back Giving Back programme with Aled Jones. The show told Stuart’s story from his injury through to his rehabilitation and discussed his life and achievements since. Later in the show, Stuart was introduced to a lady who was newly injured after a freak jogging accident. Stuart was delighted to present her with a Batec Hybrid so that she could maintain her active lifestyle.

Stuart hoped that the competition would give somebody else the chance to create the independent and active lifestyle that so many people desire. Stuart told us: “As the country entered lockdown, we wanted to show that Cyclone Mobility isn’t just a business, we are a part of the community. All our frontline team are wheelchair users so we understand completely the challenges that lockdown would pose to many. That’s why we decided to launch the competition – to give people something to look forward to and get excited about.”

Almost 1,000 people entered the competition, which left Stuart and the panel of judges with the exceptionally difficult task of picking a winner; someone whose life would be transformed by a Batec. The judging panel, which included representatives from Cyclone Mobility, Batec Mobility, spinal cord injury charity, Back Up and TV presenter Sophie Morgan, concluded that the winner of the competition would be Jack McNaughton, a 12 year-old from Dundee.

12 year old Jack McNaughton from Dundee is the winner of Cyclone Mobility’s ‘Win a Batec Hybrid’ competition

Jack was entered into the competition by his dad, who explained how Jack’s cerebral palsy stopped him from being as independent as he would like to be. Jack’s journey to and from school relied on private taxis, something that Jack resented as he saw his friends riding to school on their bikes. “It was an incredibly difficult job to pick a winner, but after meeting Jack and his family I knew we’d made the right decision. It is going to change his life completely” said Stuart.

Because of his young age, it was decided that the Batec Hybrid wasn’t the best solution for Jack. One of the core values that Stuart has built into Cyclone Mobility is that they will never sell, or in this case, give away, a product that is not suitable for the user. “It’s an absolutely fundamental part of our business. Jack could use the Hybrid but not for an extended period. I took the time to understand Jack and the kind of things he wants to do and offered an alternative – the limited edition Batec Rapid 2.” The Batec Rapid 2 will help Jack to get to and from school in a way that is safe and fun. Jack is also looking forward to joining bicycle races with his friends – they don’t stand a chance!

We’re going to keep in touch with Jack and are looking forward to finding out just how much his new Batec changes his life. One thing is for sure, Jack and his family are absolutely delighted with their win and the opportunity for Jack to be as independent as he aspires to be. “It is going to change his life completely!”

Further information can be found at: www.cyclonemobility.com
Tel: 0800 1804850