The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC) –  – is a leading expert in user-centred research involving disabled and older consumers.  An independent charity with over 50 years’ experience of specialist research, RiDC has an active consumer research panel.
Prize draw for 1,000th member

The RiDC consumer research panel will soon reach one thousand members and to mark this milestone, there’s a prize draw:

  • The 1,000th member to join the panel will receive a prize of shopping vouchers worth £150
  • There’ll be an extra random prize of £50 for a lucky person who signs up during this promotion as well

So if you’re already a panel member, get a friend to join and share the dosh.


Join the RiDC consumer research panel online now

If you prefer, you can sign up over the phone, ring us on: 020 7427 2460. We’ll ring you back at a convenient time for you.

  • For too long in the UK there’s been disjointed planning in the design of products and services and a failure to appreciate people’s needs for them to be really accessible and inclusive.
  • With members of our panel, disabled and older people who have the experience and knowledge, at RiDC we’re determined to improve things.

The RiDC panel consists of people of all ages throughout the UK who have a wide range of disabilities and impairments.

Find out more about the work of the panel


There’s a new product review website called Rate it! – product reviews by and for disabled people.