Meet Fred. Fred is just a regular everyday type of guy with regular everyday problems. All Fred wants to do is be like everyone else, he wants to land himself a good job and settle down with a nice girl… Fred just wants to fit in.

However, life isn’t so simple for Fred and he must face prejudice at every turn. Because Fred isn’t like everyone else; Fred is a puppet, and when threatened with losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance) Fred’s life begins to spiral out of control.

This five-star piece of puppetry theatre is coming to Bristol as part of Doing Things Differently, a new and extraordinary week of performance across the city. Meet Fred was created by Hijinx Theatre, the Cardiff-based theatre company, and puppeteers Blind Summit, as the duo explored the concept of creating an inclusive theatre show with puppetry.

A profound mix of irreverence and devastation, Meet Fred is as funny and entertaining as it is dark and meaningful. Born out of real life experience of the recent overhaul of the UK’s benefits system, Meet Fred plants it’s tongue firmly in its cheek when it asks the question, what would happen to Fred should he lose his Puppetry Living Allowance?

Just as many people rely on support in order to live an independent life, so Fred relies on his three puppeteers simply to exist. This relationship of dependence and interdependence that exists between Fred and his puppeteers mirrors the experiences of many.

While this message is serious, Meet Fred presents it with great hilarity and made to seem all the more ridiculous when seen through the eyes of our two-foot tall cloth clad hero, Fred.

If you want to meet Fred he’ll be in Bristol, as part of Doing Things Differently, on Thursday

September 15 th . Ticket information:

Days: Thursday 15th September

Time: Show: 7pm – 8pm / Free after show talk: 8pm – 9pm

Location: Circomedia, Portland Square, Bristol, BS2 8SJ

Ticket info: £10 / £8

Age Recommendation: Ages 14+. Contains strong language, adult themes and puppet nudity.