Ellie Robinson has struck Paralympic gold, taking the podium top spot at the Commonwealth Games. Robinson stormed to S7 50m butterfly gold on the Gold Coast, beating rival, Canada’s Sarah Mehain, by nearly two seconds in 35.72 seconds.

“I had quite a few doubts about going into the competition and the race and it’s odd because I’ve surpassed my expectations,” she said.

“When I was stood on the podium it was quite a big relief. After Rio I was quite focused on my GCSEs and perhaps not so focused on my swimming.

“Two or three weeks out in Copenhagen I got my first personal best in 18 months and that gave me that little bit of light and that little bit of hope.

“I think I’m quite hard on myself. Most athletes would be going in fairly confidently but I always have that worry and those doubts.

“Being stood on that podium meant that I’d proved to myself and I’d overcome those challenges and I’d got rid of any doubt and it was that massive relief.

“It was just an amazing feeling proving that to myself and showing I shouldn’t doubt myself.

“For me it’s Tokyo 2020 and training for that now. I just need to make sure I’m in the right place and now that I’ve achieved here, my confidence will be high.”

Robinson was one of the athletes selected to record Team England Jerusalem anthem at Abbey Road Studios earlier this year.

And she admitted that made it extra special to hear it on the podium.

“I’ve been listening to record over and over again and knew all the words, it was a really special moment,” she added.