Karma Mobility has created a powerchair that lends itself to many different scenarios inside and outdoors, by bringing together outstanding user-friendly features.

Highly manoeuvrable, front wheel drive and with a swing-away joystick bracket, means that the user is able to access their surroundings far easier than they might in a more conventional wheelchair with rear drive wheels; where they would need to strain forwards to reach objects and interact with their environment. 

The EVO Lectus is fully adjustable, a must for any wheelchair user looking for a comfortable and exact fit, which will also protect against poor postural habits and pressure sores. Once aligned, the user also has options to explore, such as power recline, power legrest, 50°degree centre of gravity tilt system and what Karma call the ‘sky-high’ power elevating seat which will lift a full 40cms, commanding attention and promoting social equality with whoever you happen to be talking with.

With all of these features, including fully adjustable four-wheel suspension and genuine all-terrain capability, you might’ve expected a chunky and unwieldy model but the EVO Lectus is relatively svelte, especially considering its excellent speed range and impressive battery capacity.

The EVO Lectus features an innovative R-Net-control system that operates many of the chair’s functions via the joystick. It also serves as a platform for a variety of specialised steering controls such as chin control, head control and switch control. Additionally, it can operate infrared and Bluetooth devices using the joystick with R-Net controls. 

Maximum user weight 136kg.