FCA Group is home to motoring brands Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth. Motability Marketing Manager, Simon Wheeler was happy to talk with us about the scheme and their plans for 2018.

What does Motability mean to FCA Group?

We see Motability as giving people an opportunity to really live their lives as they want to live them and be mobile.

How do you ensure that disabled customers have a good experience at FCA dealerships?

The Motability message is something that resonates right across our dealer network. We talk to our dealers every month about how important it is and the strength of our offers.

We also go into detail about making sure that the Motability customer is catered for in terms of parking, for example and in making sure that Motability signage is very visible – and that it’s an inviting environment for customers. Additionally, we also have a team of managers that work with the dealers to make sure that that staff are fully trained.

What are your plans for 2018?

We’ve strengthened our offers across the Motability segment. The exciting thing for 2018 is that we’ve just launched the Jeep Compass and we’ve got it on the scheme – and it’s a lot of car for the money! Also Abarth, whilst it’s not always the first brand that a Motability customer might consider, having something like that on the Motability scheme is also quite exciting. We build brands that are exciting with lots of history – and personality!

We’ve enhanced our offers and we’ve got a great range. For us it’s all about variety and choice.