“I have been a group exercise instructor for 30 years but in 2014 was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease. In spite of the diagnosis I continued to deliver my exercise classes until in 2017, due to the disease, I ruptured two ligaments in my knee which required significant surgery.

By Sarah Goldsack

My recovery was obviously going to be a challenge because I was hindered by the progression of an untreatable condition. I had to keep exercising in any capacity, aware that even the smallest movements would keep my muscles working.

Post-surgery and once I was signed off by my physio I looked for exercise programmes to suit my limitations. I found myself in the same position as a large portion of the UK population dealing with lifestyle changing/limiting conditions. Just like many people who are post any type of surgery; have joint issues or have been diagnosed with illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, it was difficult to find any suitable classes.

As there was nothing on offer that I could access I created Paracise™ which I piloted for a year with the public. As the word spread it has become so popular that I have created Instructor training.

I want to ensure that Paracise is available to all of those who want to exercise but find regular gym programmes and exercise classes too demanding or intimidating and do not meet their needs, those who are not severe enough to need specialist classes, millions of people in fact.

The people who attend Paracise™ tell me they haven’t had the confidence to go to an exercise class for years and yet now attend Paracise™ at least once a week. You can imagine what this is doing for their mental AND physical well-being. Indeed, the feedback from our Paracise™ students is 100% positive but don’t take my word for it – come and meet them!

There are many aspects of Paracise™ that make it functional, unique, enjoyable, even addictive, so I’ve been told.

I want Paracise™ to be available at all health and fitness facilities and prescribed by GP”s as it is in some areas already, for people for whom a regular fitness programme is not suitable, have a class they can access and enjoy. Wherever you are in the UK you can be confident that a Paracise™ class will be exactly the same level – you will know what you are getting – like Marmite!

In 2014 my MD consultant suggested I would need a mobility car and orthotics, in 2019 I need neither.

Please get in touch as I would be delighted to chat to you further about Paracise™.”

Paracise – The Best Prescription for a Healthy Happy Life

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Posted by Paracise on Monday, 16 October 2017

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