Based on a miniature gyroscope as used in mobile phones the G-Click constantly adjusts to suit you, working all day without intervention from a carer.

Highly sensitive mechanical switches and buttons have not changed much over the years, and when a user has extremely limited movement, all suffer from the disadvantage of requiring careful positioning. Inevitably, switches that are so carefully positioned are also vulnerable to accidentally and frustratingly moving out of position, necessitating a carer to readjust them.

Wouldn’t it be great if your switch could roll with you and detect the accidental bumps and nudges of daily living, self-adjust and just carry on working as if nothing had happened? The new Celtic Magic G-Click switch is designed to do just that.

Comfortable and sensitive
Comfortably attached to your finger or any part of your body that you can control, even a tiny amount, the G-Click can sense you and its own position and constantly adjusts itself. The tiniest intentional movements can be detected. Any accidental movement that changes your position is compensated for, allowing the switch to seamlessly continue to work for you throughout the day.

The G-Click has a useful bar graph display always showing its operation, and its sensitivity is easily adjusted by using a small screwdriver. Other features such as tilt direction and adjustment of its built-in audio bleep are all configurable without using tools or apps.  

The G-Click is powered via a USB lead or any external battery suitable for charging mobile phones. It outputs either common keyboard characters that can operate assistive software such as Grid-3 or alternatively, using the supplied 3.5mm patch lead, it can be connected to any device that can be controlled by the clicking of a conventional 3.5mm switch. It will also work with all modern digital devices such as phones and tablets that are running suitable ACC software for switch operation.