“Don’t give up on your dream property because of access – there’s always a way!”

Kyla, an eco-friendly wheelchair user, found her dream property in Brighton – a 4 storey town house nestled in the city.

Renovating her new home to make it both a sustainable haven and a home she could access in a wheelchair was key.

Finding a home lift that was large enough for her chair and small enough to fit in the tight space led her to Gartec Home.

“If the lift wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here!”

The 6000 home lift meant Kyla could have doors on different sides and travel to all 4 floors,fitting in the tight space easily. It even fit her sustainable mantra, using less energy than a kettle to run.

“Having the lift makes it possible to enjoy the character of a Victorian home with square footage you wouldn’t find otherwise.”

Installed in just 4 days the lift gives Kyla complete access, and the house is a perfect meeting of sustainable living and an accessible, modern design.

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