Isla keeps independence with Life in Adapted Extension

Even when you need home access, you don’t have to compromise your style.

Nicky, James and 4 year-old Isla were adapting their home in Windlesham for Isla’s progressive genetic condition, Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

The family were planning a 2 storey extension with open plan kitchen, living area, bedrooms and an accessible wetroom – as well as a lift.

After visiting the Gartec Home showroom in Buckinghamshire they were inspired. The small footprint meant it would fit neatly, and putting doors on different sides and using their switches made the design flow.

Thinking ahead, the 410kg capacity means Isla can use it even with an electric chair, and can travel with another person. A remote control will give her independence once old enough to travel alone.

The lift is easy to miss – apart from Isla showing visitors! Isla said all her friends are jealous, and Nicky and James are thrilled they didn’t have to compromise their home.

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