The MedicAlert Foundation, together with Able Magazine knows the importance of getting out and about, whether it’s some gentle exercise or going exploring places with friends and family. You can have fun, meet people and improve your own health which in the long term boosts your physical and mental well-being.

MedicAlert can help you gain the independence you want and give your family peace of mind. Our medical I.D. jewellery is designed so that should the unexpected happen, you can feel safe knowing that your individual medical needs will be made known if you can’t speak for yourself.

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*In order to buy your jewellery you will need to become a member for £30 a year.

How does MedicAlert I.D. jewellery help you in an emergency?

Your MedicAlert disc, (see below), contains essential information to assist diagnosis and relevant treatment in an emergency. The wording is prioritised by our medical advisors to focus on critical issues; in the same order that a paramedic would assess a patient. Our 24 hour emergency phone number is also included so that emergency responders can access your detailed medical record and your next of kin’s phone number.


What our members say:

“I have a number of different medical conditions and it gives me reassurance that if I am not able to communicate these in an emergency, then my MedicAlert bracelet will do it for me.”

“Wearing my MedicAlert jewellery gives me peace of mind when I am out and about especially when I’m on my own. They’re stylish, affordable and comfortable.”

“Excellent, professional and very reliable. I feel so secure knowing I’m a member.”