Able Magazine is proud to support the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre AccessAbility Exhibition.

Following the success of The William Merritt Centre’s AccessAbility Exhibition in 2017, they are excited to announce its plans to make things bigger and better with the addition of Get Going Live covering all your vehicle mobility needs.

Showcasing new and innovative assistive technology and equipment, providing information and advice to enable greater independence for disabled children and adults or those with additional needs.

40+ stands with options and advice on Assistive technology, Equipment and Driving for disabled children, teenagers and adults.

Find out about new products and innovation: 

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walking Aids
  • Bathing/Showering
  • Accessible Gaming
  • Beds and Sleep Systems
  • Switches and Adapted toys
  • Tricycles
  • Associated Charities
  • Moving and Handing
  • Passenger Access
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Car Seats
  • Test drive from 14+ years*
  • Driving/Vehicle Adaptations
  • Drive from Vehicle

Who should attend?

  • Disabled children
  • Disabled teenagers (14+ years for a test drive*)
  • Disabled adults
  • Families and carers of disabled children and adults
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Driving Instructors

This Event is FREE and there is free parking on site too.

Find out more here: