ADHD Wise UK are a pioneering community interest company dedicated to helping learners with additional needs achieve positive outcomes and are opening a national hub in Wellingborough.

ADHD Wise UK offer a range of expert services and support for children and adults with an extensive range of conditions including ADHD, autism, and dyslexia.

The organisation is built around an inclusive environment focussing on counselling, coaching and up-skilling. They currently receive no central funding and nationally there are only four local authorities that fund their services to support their constituents – but they strongly hope to change that.

ADHD Wise is all about identifying the challenge and helping to mitigate it. 

Quite often neurodiverse conditions are tagged with negative connotations. ADHD Wise apply their expertise to turn that perception around and promote positive outcomes.

The brainchild of former special needs teacher, Jannine Perryman-Harris, the community interest company was launched following her collaboration with fellow teacher Amanda Porter in 2019.

Jannine Perryman-Harris

Jannine said: “Coming from a specialist teaching background has enabled us to create a team of experts, coaches and counsellors, all dedicated to bringing about positive outcomes for young people and adults with neurodiverse conditions as well as skill building programmes for parents and carers.

To date we have been incredibly successful in running courses for adults with ADHD and autistic adults. We’ve also had fantastic results in the courses we have put together for teenagers with ADHD, as well as skill building programmes for parents and carers.”

To find out more about ADHD Wise UK visit: 
Tel: 01933 222940