It wasn’t long ago when our only chance to venture outside was for our one hour of exercise each day, if we were lucky, we now have a chance to rediscover what we love about our country, and many are doing this with renewed vigour. Combine this with some wheelchair designs that push boundaries, giving users ever increasing accessibility and comfort, Faiveley Vapor Ricon a leading manufacturer of vehicle access solutions, has created a new extra wide, semi-automatic ramp to cater for wider wheelbase chairs and give users the chance to now explore places they never thought possible.

Faiveley Vapor Ricon has added the Auto Electronic Ramp, part of its R Series range, to its portfolio after creating a bespoke solution for a customer who was unable to find a ramp to accommodate her Terrain Hopper wheelchair and was finding this prohibitive to her independence.

“Our client Fiona, who has been a wheelchair user for 20 years, was explaining the challenges she was facing when she visited our stand at a Mobility Roadshow and it made us consider the options we had to be able to create a ramp that would suit her needs and those of many more people like Fiona,” said Michael Dickinson sales manager Faiveley Vapor Ricon. “After many months of being inside, it is important that we all begin to venture out safely and our range of ramps and lifts create opportunities for wheelchair users to do this no matter where they visit.”

The Auto Electronic Ramp offers users of wide wheelbase chairs the ability enjoy complete independence both in their wheelchair and in their vehicle.  The R-Series ramp is easy to install and operate and can be securely stowed during travel to reduce in-transit noise. Available in a wide range of lengths from 1800mm to 2500mm and in two widths 800mm and 900mm (with an extra 40mm when side rails included) it offers a simplistic and convenient travel solution. 

It is entirely suited to all terrain wheelchairs such as the one Fiona uses which are designed to tackle uneven ground and surfaces such as sand, mud, gravel and snow. Furthermore, it is suited to standard size vehicles, in Fiona’s case a Volkswagen Transporter and has a manual override facility giving complete peace of mind should there be an electrical failure.

 “Mike has been so incredibly helpful and I find it hard to explain just what a difference this has made to my everyday life – exercising my assistance dog and just getting out on my own without having to rely on other people,” said Fiona Briglmen. “It is this type of ‘can do’ attitude and determination to find workable solutions that has set Faiveley Vapor Ricon apart from all its competitors.”

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