In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Week, Charter Walk Shopping Centre is hosting an innovative weekend experience for families to get an insight into how living with Autism can affect everyday life.

Recently, the centre achieved the nationally recognised accreditation, known as the “Autism Friendly” status for their avid support and initiatives towards autism. To coincide with World Autism Awareness Week, the centre is hosting a two-day event to promote the importance, raise awareness and welcome those with the condition to step into an immersive experience, on Saturday 6th April and Sunday 7th April.

Plus, as an added extra on Saturday 6th April, shoppers will be provided with a unique opportunity to experience a sensory overload first hand, which is a common issue for those on the spectrum, by stepping into an autism reality experience. The room will be complete with a relaxing atmosphere, dimmed lighting and sound, as well as calming and interactive areas. There will also be an expert on hand for shoppers to gain a further understanding of autism, as well as have any questions answered.

Debbie Hernon, Charter Walk Shopping Centre’s Centre Manager, commented: “We are delighted to be holding this event in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Week. Charter Walk is proud of the action we’ve taken to become a more inclusive centre and it is very important to us that every visitor feels welcome. This event further builds on our goal to build on the services we offer to all shoppers.”

Throughout World Autism Awareness Week, charities and organisations will be in the centre to raise awareness. ‘Action for ASD’ will be showcasing their services and what is available for people on the spectrum, as well as having collection buckets in stores for charitable donations.

Plus, for shoppers who have autism the centre accommodate a quiet hour, which takes place every Tuesday between 9am10am. Within this time, activities such as cleaning with machinery and maintenance are kept to a minimum and a number of retailers turn down the music from within stores.

Charter Walk has partnered with local organization, Action for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to support the charities work throughout Lancashire.

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