Hybrid bicycles, like the City edition, present the best of both worlds: exercise and convenience.

The Gtech eBike City looks very much like the future of commuter cycling. While you benefit from the fresh air and exercise of the cycling experience, as you fatigue or the terrain gets tougher, the 36V Li-ion battery can take on some of the work. You’ll arrive at your destination sufficiently pumped but without the breathless sweat of other cyclists! 

The eBike is just as simple and easy to operate and ride as an ordinary bicycle. Pedal faster to speed up and brake to slow down or stop. Because you’re backed up by battery power, it’s not even necessary for the bike to incorporate any gears to get confused about; just choose the level of boost you need and off you go.

Riders can select between cruising settings: Eco (8mph for 20-30 miles) or Max (15mph for 10-15 miles) depending on terrain and gradient, etc. In either case, a handy LCD display will monitor remaining battery life. The battery is easily unclipped from the bike for a charge-up which takes just three hours.

Other features such as the lightweight (16kg) aluminium frame, non-greasy carbon belt drive ‘chain’ and puncture resistant tyres make this ideal for disabled people looking for convenient, socially distanced transportation or perhaps, for people aiming to gently increase fitness towards exercise goals.

The City eBike is almost certainly destined to become iconic as one of the best eBikes on the road with its instantly recognisable white and green livery and innovative functionality.

The City eBike was just the ticket for our reviewer who had been attempting to gently rehabilitate himself after experiencing a heart attack towards the end of last year. He was currently managing around a mile on a standard cycle which was frustrating and fraught with the risk of becoming overly tired and therefore, effectively stranded. After trying out the City eBike for Able Magazine, he’s now up to around 12 miles on a single journey, giving him exercise he needs without any possibility of over exerting himself during his rehab process.

Our reviewer enthusiastically awarded it our top, five star rating so as you can imagine, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of the eScent hybrid mountain bike for review. Watch this space!

From: www.gtech.co.uk
Price: £995