GTech is one of an increasing number of manufacturers who are making genuine progress in creating tools and other lifestyle items that are truly inclusive.

MYO Touch Massage Bed

Plenty of disabled people live with muscle aches, sometimes as a result of having to use mobility aids. This adjustable, automated massaging bed can be set to your individual requirements with the robotic roller applying light or intense pressure to either your whole body – or target part of it, for personalised relief. 

The foam roller is designed so that its knobbly surface gets into your muscles to work away tension, all while you simply lie back and enjoy the experience. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why it features an automated 15-minute shut off system, for if you happen to fall asleep. (NB: if you use devices such as a pacemaker or have existing medical conditions, you should consult a GP before use.)

Because it’s automated, you’ll be able to enjoy a session in private, before folding it away again.

Star Rating: 5 STARS
Price: £299.99


This lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner is built around convenience. Not only is it cordless but you can choose to charge the battery separately from the vacuum itself, meaning that it only has to come out of the cupboard while you’re actually using it. 

During use you’ll find that the powered brush head copes with carpets and hard floors equally well, without the need to change settings or apply any extra effort. LED lights help you to spot areas of dust and dirt before simply dropping contents into the bin via an easy-empty operation. 

This is the ideal vacuum cleaner for people with reduced strength or who live with issues relating to fatigue. 

Star Rating: 5 STARS
Price: £229.99

Flood Light Bundle

Gtech’s floodlight is bright enough to illuminate spaces for up to five hours, with up to 2,000 lumens of bright white light. (For comparison, a 60W bulb will provide 800 lumens.) Because it utilises a universal 20V battery and a100° swivel head, it’s ideal for use in sheds, garages or outdoor spaces.  

The bundle includes an interchangeable power tool battery and tool charger. 

Star Rating: 4 STARS
Price: £79.97

Grass Trimmer GT50

Happily, the days of rolling out the mower, unwinding the extension cord – which you then pass through the window of the front room – are gone. 

Simply charge up this lightweight cordless grass trimmer for 30 minutes of running time during which it’ll cut and edge your lawn with its easy to fit (replaceable) plastic blades. 

The balanced design, ergonomic handle and harness mean that it’s easy to hold and use during running time.

Star Rating: 4 STARS
Price: £149.99