Children learn through play and Hape’s range of exciting and original wooden games will provide your little ones with valuable lessons about the world around them, without leaving a damaging footprint on the environment. Hape’s innovative range of eco-friendly toys, are manufactured in part from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world, so Hape thought to use it to their advantage and incorporate it into toy making, which they did so cleverly in their selection of Hape Games. In fact, by the time these toys are delivered, the bamboo used to make them will have already grown back! 

Hape, Pallina Ocean Rescue Game

This is a fun twist on the (pallina) marble drop games that you might have known as a child. Instead of marbles, the game is based around chunky (and therefore much harder to swallow) sea creatures such as turtles, whales and starfish. Pulling out the rods helps release the wildlife, with the skill being to keep the fishing catch in the net.

The game is beautifully presented and is suitable for players from 3 years.


Price: £29.99

Hape, Tangled Web Toss

This simple game encourages coordination through tossing the spiders into the net, with points awarded for the ones that tangle their stringy legs on the web and stay in place. 

The game is easy to set up and requirements very little skill to get going and enjoy as a gentle competition. Recommended for ages three years and up.


Price: £21.99

Hape, Multi-Tower Kit

The multi-tower kit can be used to build approximations of existing towers or to design your own architectural masterpiece. The silicone connectors link the wooden rods together very easily and it’s a pretty straightforward task to create something new with just a few pieces. (Suitable for children of four years and older.)


Price: £26.99

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