The winners of the 2018 Her Abilities Awards: Toyin Aderemi, Musola Kaseketi and Ashrafun Nahar –– were honoured for their achievements in advancing the rights and recognition of women with disabilities worldwide, at this year’s ZERO Project Conference focused on “Independent Living and Political Participation”.

Joined by over 100 guests, the UK’s leading disability studies academic and Light for the World trustee, Tom Shakespeare welcomed the three winners at an inclusive event in February co-hosted by Light for the World and international partners, including Able Magazine and the inclusive dance company, Lilli’s Ballroom.

“It is a great pleasure to have all three winners here in Vienna and we are able to honour them in person today”, said Austria’s former Minister of Women and Health, Maria Rauch-Kallat as the winners received a unique award statuette produced by disabled artists from Mozambique.

All three winners spoke about how honoured they felt with a very excited Toyin Aderemi adding: “When I was 15 years old I didn’t even have a wheelchair and had to crawl on the floor. Now I am standing here and speak to the world. This award will give me a lot of power for my future life”.

Her Abilities Awards

Her Abilities is the first global awards honouring the achievements of women with disabilities. Light for the World is the founder of the award. With this award, we aim to honour women with disabilities who achieve greatness in their life and work.