HCi Viocare has just opened a brand new facility in the city centre of Glasgow bringing with it new ideas and a new level of service in prosthetics and orthotics.

The cutting edge health technology research centre, including Scotland’s only private prosthetics and orthotics clinic, was opened by First Minister and local MSP, Nicola Sturgeon who was keen to thank the company for investing in the area before enthusiastically adding: “I congratulate everyone involved in establishing the centre and look forward to seeing how it progresses.”

Evolving from the private practice of internationally recognised prosthetists Bill Spence, HCi Viocare is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people across the ability and activity spectrum. Their new clinic brings a vibrant and refreshing approach to prosthetics and orthotics care in Scotland and aims to support people with a personalised and bespoke service from their newly refurbished city centre facility.


Far from being a typically clinical environment the new premises are relaxed, stylish, clean and contemporary and provide the perfect backdrop to discussing solutions based on new and established technologies. Especially in the private sector, people expect a more refined and personalised service and a greater choice of limbs, often inspired by their visibility at major events such as the Paralympics and Invictus Games.

Expertise and experience

Because HCi Viocare is fully independent from component manufacturers, clients can be assured of unbiased advice based purely on expertise and experience. The clinic operates according to British and international standards of care for clients under the leadership of prosthetist/ orthotist Brian Maguire, already a well-established and respected figure in the Scottish prosthetics sector.

With this combined expertise the clinic is able to service a variety of needs; whether you’re an amputee wanting to improve your quality of life, an athlete looking to prevent injury, or a parent concerned about your child’s gait, the team can blend the latest scientific techniques with their decades of hands-on experience to target a solution specifically to the individual’s requirements.

A major difference that HCi Viocare has introduced is a far more efficient service. Amputees will recognise that fittings at other clinicscan be frustratingly slow, sometimes taking weeks to make the changes required to their prostheses. All of that is already changing; a state of the art on-site workshop means that HCi Viocare are now able to offer a ‘same-day’ check socket service, making the process of fitting new prostheses easier and much swifter. In fact, new prostheses that once took weeks to sort out can now be resolved in a matter of days, giving clients a service that enables, rather than disrupts their busy lives.

Other services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychological support (that can also be extended to family members and employers) mean that clients are taken through their own unique path towards rehabilitation and are given specific advice as they transition back into the workplace and start to live the life they want to again.