Penny Mordaunt was today announcing a global disability conference being held in London, making it the perfect opportunity to showcase what real inclusion looks like.

Ms Mordaunt is a former Minister for Disabled People and Able Magazine columnist and received a round of applause from the other Members in the chamber. The announcement itself was relatively short with the Minister carefully signing whilst speaking: “Mr Speaker, on the 24th of July we will hold a global disability conference here in London, organised by the UK government, by the Kenya government and by the international disability alliance.

For too long, in the world’s poorest countries, disabled people have not been able to reach their full potential because of stigma or not enough practical support.

I am proud to be focussed on this area which has been neglected for too long.

The conference will support the global effort to advance disability inclusion for some countries most vulnerable people.”

Disabled people all too often find themselves isolated from current affairs. This simple act shows that small changes can count for a lot.