When James and his family met Remap at a local event, they didn’t realise how much their lives would be changed for the better.

James is five and has vocal cord palsy which means that he can only speak with a very quiet voice. It isn’t a problem at home, but when there is any background noise it is extremely difficult to hear him. It has been particularly difficult at school and out and about, wherever there’s background noise.

James was very patient about repeating himself but mum, Katie was very concerned that he would get fed up with people not being able to hear him and get discouraged from trying to talk. At nursery, he rarely interacted with other children, no doubt as a result of his communication difficulties.


All enquiries, including at the specialist children’s hospital that James attends, confirmed there wasn’t anything on the market that was suitable for children like him. This is where Remap could make a difference. Remap is a charity that finds unique solutions to everyday challenges. It provides disabled people with custom-made equipment to help them be as independent as possible. From mobility aids to gadgets around the home and sports equipment to supporting education and learning, no problem is too big or too small.

Everything provided by Remap is free of charge. The charity aims to help people achieve independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

Remap volunteer, Niall visited James and his family and took on the case, developing various prototypes until he came up with a special amplifier and head microphone which works extremely well.


James is now talking to his peers at school with confidence. He can be heard in the classroom and so can contribute independently to discussions and whole group work rather than having to rely on the voice of his one-to-one teaching assistant. This has helped his confidence of course.

Car journeys are much less frustrating too; everyone can hear what James is saying! Going out in the wheelchair is also easier. Katie used to have to stop very frequently to bend down and hear what he was saying, but now she places the speaker on the handles and she can hear his every word. So much better!

Katie says: “A huge thank you from our family and especially James. Remap is a fantastic charity with remarkable people like Niall. Amazing.”

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Whether you need a piece of equipment that isn’t on the market, or need to have something adapted, Remap can help.

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