Kriya CBD Ltd is a company formed by Amo Raju and he spent time and money searching for alternative forms or relief to the symptoms that his wife, father and himself had endured as a result of disability, before finding the right CBD oil.

Businessman, Amo doesn’t want to let his disability define him. That said, he does allow it to inform him about the need for a safe, reliable and easy to use alternative therapy option.

After years of trying products which demonstrated on mild or superficial results, Amp wanted to bring something to the market which would truly benefit people, who like him, were in search of CBD based products which would enable them to have a better quality of life, The and was to create a family run business which has sourced reputable and certified CBD oils from the USA.

Kriya CBD Ltd, founded by Amo, who is a disabled person himself, has researched alternative products that reduce joint and muscular pain since 2015, not only for himself but also for his wife who has a form of multiple sclerosis (MS) and father who lives with Parkinson’s disease.

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in the UK for people with muscular aches and pains, largely as a result of physical disability – although Amo has also noted other peripheral CBD oil is already stocked in many high street health food shops so you can be though it is derived from the cannabis

Amo started to search for an alternative therapy for his wife who has relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) after noting that her medication would either “zonk her out” or had “too many side had an almost instant effect, “within 15 minutes!”

“It affects people in different ways” says Amo, adding: “I’ve supplied it
to so many different people, with different impairments, such as people who have spasms, because of their MS or cerebral palsy, or the weakness and the fatigue that is symptomatic  he advises that: “With any medical condition, if the doctor has prescribed certain medication, they need to either continue with that, or have a detailed conversation with their healthcare Much of Amo’s enthusiasm for the product is based on his own experience, as he says: “Before I started taking CBD oil, I was on codeine twice a day… And I don’t take codeine

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